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Our well-trained and experienced team enables us to guide client vessels and access ship, cargo and crew data 24/7 - or whenever they want.

In the 1990's, we extended our scope of maritime services from crew management to include full technical management and new building supervision, offering therefore a full range of ship management services for clients.

Rather than focussing on quick growth and expansion, our aim has always been to ensure ship management procedures and staff are able to provide sustainable, first-class care to vessels entrusted to us, while our clear-cut and transparent reporting keeps our customers always up-to-date regarding vessel performance and financial situation.

Today, Marlow Navigation manages a substantial number of ships from offices in Limassol, HamburgRotterdam and Mumbai. Although predominantly geared towards container ships, our company’s managed fleet also includes multipurpose vessels, bulk carriers, tankers and other specialised vessels.

Staff in our technical department consists of former management level officers, supported by:

  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • IT
  • Safety, quality and environmental protection, and 
  • Insurance experts

This industry-expert team ensures precise decisions are made when it matters most, examining every possibility, and considering all theoretical, practical, and statutory requirements within the shipping and maritime sector. Overall, a team perfectly suited to providing distinct and globally leading technical ship management solutions for shipowners – lowering costs and balancing accounts, quality and safety, and overall successful results.

Striving to operate to the absolute highest standards and anticipating problems before they occur have led us to implement a well-structured and effective ship management system, executed both onboard and via our global onshore offices.

No doubt however, the single most important factor in the performance of our managed ships is the crew. As such, we work very closely with each vessel and maintain constant communication with onboard staff. A permanent open dialogue, regarding not only the vessel‘s condition and performance, but also any operational and personal issues is encouraged and upheld.

Meanwhile, regular physical ship inspections ensure all guidelines and procedures for maintenance systems and repairs are strictly followed.

Our technical ship management department is fully focussed on meeting budget targets, achieved through established processes and efficiencies in maintenance, planning and delivery:

  • Pro-active communication with vessels to stay up-to-date and anticipate potential problems
  • Custom-built IT systems & in-house support
  • Close monitoring and measuring of financial performances
  • Transparency; performance reports provided to clients quarterly or whenever requested
  • Economies of scale, such as in purchasing power, strong partnerships and network alliances, resulting in lower costs for shipowners

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New Building Supervision

New shipbuilding supervision services are carried out by a dedicated department. Our own specialist panel of naval architects and marine engineers coordinate, consult and supervise the shipbuilding teams employed at various shipyard/production sites – from design stage to delivery of vessel. Site teams are headed by fully qualified and expert shipbuilding managers. For more information about new ship building supervision, contact us


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