Further integral elements of our management services are remaining totally committed to modernisation in shipping, responsive to the revolution in new digital technologies, environmental best practices, and continued training and development of our people, both at sea and ashore.

There is an increasing demand on Shipowners to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations while at the same time remain competitive. We here at Marlow know first-hand the benefits of using modern technologies to reduce the administrative burden on board and to enable our staff, both at sea and ashore, to focus on the things that matter the most.

We work on the principle that technology and software tools should be working for us and not the other way around. With access to tailor-made client portals, online fleet performance monitoring and fleet analytics with predictive modelling, all provided in the most transparent manner, we are able to translate the more traditional form of Shipmanagement to one of real partnership.

Today, constant change and environmental challenges define modern shipping. At Marlow, we’re already educating and training our crew in best practices - from energy-saving engines to avoiding pollution.

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