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From our point of view, the deciding factor in successful ship management is the human element – our crew! Advanced and world-leading maritime training facilities ensure a constant supply of well-trained, educated and certified crew. This makes all the difference in safeguarding the safety and performance of ships, whilst achieving true customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Activities range from training, computer-based simulations, team-building exercises, and dynamic classroom lectures from full time faculty. Meanwhile, regular appraisals and ongoing training make sure our crew can continue developing their skills and knowledge to the latest international standards and beyond, with plenty of prospects for career advancement.

In the maritime industry, such investment in human resources is paramount, ensuring satisfied, loyal, long-serving crew who fundamentally produce more efficient and quality work output for clients. At Marlow, our crew are with us for the long term. In fact, well over four thousand seamen have been with the company for more than 10 years and a great deal for more than 25 years! It is fair to say that we have come a long way from our first training vessel, the “Walther Herwig” in 1994, to our current status as one of the leading trainers of seafarers.

Our dedicated crew training centres:

Training Centre Manila, Philippines
Kherson State Maritime Academy, Ukraine
Marine Training Centre, Hamburg, Germany

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