Cadet Training Programme - a structured and controlled approach to seafarer education and training, fully preparing new talent into proficient maritime professionals.

Training and development is the foundation to producing and sustaining highly skilled and confident seafarers, for our company and clients, but also the industry at large. At the same time, it ensures stronger loyalty and higher crew retention rates, thereby making seafarers far more established, specialised and experienced, which is no doubt pivotal for safer and better-quality work output.

In addition to our traditional crew recruitment channels and upgrading training matrix, we have been working closely with leading training centres in our key seafarer source locations for over a decade now to further develop new talent into competent maritime professionals, namely in the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, as well as in Germany and the EU.

Our approach with a structured Cadet Training Programme and the Continuous Proficiency Development provides trainees with a well-established, dedicated and assured career path, and allows us to be closely engaged with their progress to help better nurture their development.

Essentially this entails the selection, further education and training of university and college maritime students. Importantly, it includes sea-going work practice, thereby fully preparing trainees for their job at sea, and providing the invaluable, and necessary, experience to help advance in rank in good time and reach levels of command much earlier.

First, cadets must express their willingness to join one of our programmes by completing an application. A pre-selection is then done by the respective academy, based on academic results in accordance with our strict criteria. Cadets must then undertake various tests, including psychometric, as well as our own specific tests in each respective maritime field, before qualifying for a final round interview stage.

A long term vision: providing a holistic, constant and reliable option for supplying our crew managed vessels with well-trained, competent and skilled seafarers.

- Jan Meyering, Joint Managing Director

Our approach with Training and the Continuous Proficiency Development provides seafarers with a well-established and dedicated career path, and allows us to be closely engaged with their advanced progress.

- Joern Clodius, Training Director



In the Philippines, we provide training programs for Prospective Deck, Engine, and Electro-Technical Officers, as well as for Cook Trainees.

In line with our company’s academic criteria, Prospective Officers/cadets and Cook Trainees are recruited to join one of our programs from one of our partner maritime universities or colleges. However, we also regularly run open exams in various locations throughout the Philippines, where all other candidates who meet the company’s requirements can apply to be considered.

In addition, we provide ongoing training and an apprenticeship program for skilled welders to become Ship Fitters.

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Training programme in cooperation with Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA). Deck & Engine Cadets are selected to join our fleet for their mandatory sea service & embark on their career.



Cooperation with Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University (AUMSU), one of the largest educational institutions for water transport in Russia & accredited by the Council of Europe & IMO.