Dedicated Training and Development – Investing in your Future!

Since the early 1990s, we’ve been focussing heavily on in-house training in our key recruiting locations, especially here in the Philippines where more than half of our crew come from. As part of our long-term vision, specialised maritime training programs have been set up to provide cadets with a well-structured and dedicated career path, so that they may become highly skilled and competent professionals, and progress through the ranks in good time.

Trainees follow our set training and development model, which includes classroom and laboratory education, extensive simulation training, computer based training, as well as practical training at sea on board our crew managed vessels.

United Marine Training Center (UMTC) in Manila is our dedicated training centre. In 2017, UMTC was recognised as a Centre of Excellence by DNV-GL, making it the first maritime training centre in the Philippines and Southeast Asia to obtain this status.

UMTC has extensive and state-of-the-art facilities, including 31 classrooms and laboratories, 7 marine simulators, 7 deck and seamanship practical training facilities, 4 engineering workshops, 9 electro-technical workshop and laboratories, CBT training, a fully equipped culinary training unit, as well as other ancillary services, such as a 650-bed 4-star dormitory, recreational and fitness facilities, meals, and airport transfers.

The staff at UMTC is made up of handpicked and regularly appraised and upgraded specialised instructors, together with over 60 full time faculty, all who work very closely with our own training and crew operations departments here at Marlow.


  • Long-established

    Our Filipino Cadet Training Program was established in 1996 on training vessels in Germany

  • Training Centre

    In 2008, the purposely-built, state-of-the-art training facility UMTC opened in Manila

  • Excellence

    Our marine training centre is recognised as a “Centre of Excellence” by DNV GL

  • Key Indicators

    Currently, over 5,300 active seafarers are out of our training programs and over 1/3 of all officers

I can tell you that the company invests a lot to build a strong foundation for cadets/prospective officers and help them along the way. Through hard work, perseverance, dedication and eagerness, this training program helped me to reach and attain the top of my seafaring career. I am now a Captain commanding a vessel, as well as helping other officers with their development and to reach their maximum potential.

- Captain Lamberto Ilano Diaz

Marlow’s training program shaped my technical knowledge and attitude towards my goal to reach the top level in my career. It helped guide me to stay focus in obtaining the requirements to climb up the career ladder that the program is designed for. Along the way, I enjoyed the process of learning, being grateful for the challenges and obstacles I faced that have made me what I am today.

- Chief Engineer Tristan Bala Lapong

Marlow provided extensive trainings in preparation for the job onboard while following a structured career path. This is what the company's Prospective Officer Training Program is all about – to help with skill enhancement and career development. Moreover, Marlow continuously gives support even after completing the program, such as with various in-house trainings.

- 3rd Officer Jojie Karen T. Labaya


World leading crew and ship manager

At Marlow, we employ over 14,000 crew at any one time, and have over 24,000 active seafarers. This makes us the largest crew manager in the world. Essentially this means more job positions on ships, and importantly for cadets and trainees, greater opportunities for progressing their maritime career.

Dedicated training centre in Manila

UMTC is our dedicated training centre in the Philippines. In the maritime industry, quality, safety and competency are fundamental for any seafarer’s work and career growth. UMTC is a world-class facility that provides cadets and trainees every opportunity to learn well and excel in their respective field. Further to this, our company has well developed training programs and activities in many other countries around the world.

Respect, Responsibility and Retention

We are a company about people (and yes also ships!). Our core values are in ensuring our seafarers are well looked after, so that we may retain their services for the longer-term. Especially in shipping, the longer a seafarer works in the same company, the more experienced, skilled and specialised they become. A part of this ethos, also comes respect and responsibility for our local people. From all sort of seafarer family support and regular activities, to wider community and environmental initiatives.

See and apply for currently open Deck and Engine cadet exams, as well as other training programs happening throughout the Philippines.


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