Conversion Course Creates Job Opportunities for Cruise Ship Cooks

20 Oct 2020
Marlow Philippines

New specialised course introduced in the Philippines to update and help experienced cruise ship cooks with employment on cargo ships.

Cook conversion pilot course begins in Manila, September 2020


Marlow Navigation has introduced a new dedicated cook training course in the Philippines for updating experienced cruise ship cooks to be able to work on all types of cargo ships.

This new 19-day specialised training course is being offered free-of-charge and includes board (meals) and lodging at our partner training centre in Manila, United Marine Training Center (UMTC). The pilot course kicked off in September 2020, with the first batch of graduates quickly lined up and joined their vessel for assignment soon after.

“Overall, the program has generated significant interest from applicants. The Corona virus pandemic has forced cruise ships around the world to suspend their operations. Even if some might slowly resume at a later stage, it is unclear how it will all develop, since travel restrictions are changing on a regular and spontaneous basis, but also as people’s sentiment to go on a cruise or even just travel in general remains rather low,” explained Training Director, Marlow Navigation, Joern Clodius.

“However, commercial shipping not only remains vital to world trade, but also critical to supporting people and communities around the world, such as for supplying food, medicines, energy and other goods. Thus, this course helps provide cruise ship crew presently out of work the opportunity for continued employment at sea,” added Clodius.

Cargo ships, including container vessels, bulk, heavy-lift, multipurpose and tankers have of course a somewhat different approach when compared to cruise and passenger ships. This conversion training is focused on updating cooks with the necessary know-how and practicalities for the change, whilst also enhancing areas such as European cuisine, baking pastries and cakes, as well as victualling and orientation on the differences between cargo and cruise ship.

Marlow’s cook conversion course continues in the Philippines until further notice. Anyone interested to apply can contact Marlow Philippines directly via email at

Meanwhile, applicants of other ranks with experience on cruise ships are also being invited to apply and given the opportunity to continue work at sea, including fitters, oilers, wipers, electrician, ABs and OS, subject to their qualifications and experience, as well as the requirements of available position.



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