Quality Management can be defined as an ongoing effort to consistently provide recruitment and crew management services that meet and exceed customer expectations. Achieved through a structured, systematic process for creating organisational participation in planning and implementing control and improvements.

The following extracts from our Quality Management System Manual, to which all of us at Marlow adhere, exemplify the service offered to customers, crew and partners on a day-to-day basis.

Further to this, set systems in place for Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHS); Security Management of Crew and Vessel; Environmental Obligations and Social Responsibilities.

Quality Management:

Marlow Offshore is committed to meeting customer satisfaction by:

  • Identifying and complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Proactively establishing and communicating customer requirements throughout the company
  • Maintain professional and ethical behaviour by all crew, employees and agents
  • Carefully selecting, monitoring and analysing key performance indicators
  • Measuring customer satisfaction, and
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of quality management systems by regularly reviewing policies, objectives and procedures, and then refining accordingly.

Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHS):

Work safety and employee wellbeing is of primary importance at Marlow Offshore. We are proud of our safety record, which we all continue to work hard to maintain. OHS programs are about fostering a safe and healthy working environment, protecting the welfare and interests of all our people. These are regular analysed and updated where needed.

Crucial to administering such OHS conditions and minimising the possibility of accidents or damage is preventive measures, such as ongoing education, training and assessments of office and allocated personnel, as well as premise and equipment inspections. Meanwhile, emergency readiness and contingency planning are in place to minimise any loss of life, injuries or damages. Marlow maintains a zero tolerance to Drugs and Alcohol: no duties shall be performed while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Security Management of Crew and Vessel:

Safeguarding the security of all personnel and property, as well as customer’s assets is of utmost priority at Marlow. We seek to minimise security risks and improve security management by closely following expert advice on risk mitigation. Such risk advisory focusses on operational security, crisis response, and training on action, among other areas in challenging high-risk environments.

Naturally, the first stage in security is pre-emptive, supported by intelligence, careful planning, and monitoring. In turn, application of timely and practical approaches at sea provides our crew the means to swiftly make vital tactical decisions and significantly reduce security risks, whilst ensuring safe protection and recovery of both crew and vessel.

Environmental Obligations:

Marlow Offshore always assesses any potential negative impact of its operations on our seas, oceans and waterways, making environmental considerations an integral part of any planning process. Essentially, this means environmental emergency response procedures are designed and checked in order to effectively protect from, or deal with any unforeseeable accidents.

At the same time, resource management identifies factors affecting our wider environment, and moves to place greater emphasis, care and action. This includes commitment to sustainability issues and overall reducing our company’s carbon footprint on the environment from both operations onshore and at sea.

Social Responsibility:

At Marlow, we celebrate diversity, acknowledge excellence and are always culturally aware.

Our company is always active where possible and where needed to get involved and support local communities, as well as motivate personnel. Ranging from assisting school programs in the Philippines, wider communities devastated from natural disasters, school educational and development programs, supporting underprivileged cadets in Ukraine, community events, fund raises, clean-up and tree planting days, blood donations, sporting talent sponsorships, rescue operations at sea, to fully supporting international campaigns in maritime, such as the IMO’s annual Day of the Seafarer, to name but a few.

Internally, our company regularly organises staff team building events, family social outings, sport days, and rewards long serving employees at sea and ashore.


Marlow Offshore quality management systems comply with highest standards and are accredited according to standards:

ISO 9001

MLC Compliance

NEN 4400-1

POEA Approval

Marlow Offshore operates under the conditions and is member of the NBBU.


We value the privacy of all Marlow Offshore contacts and provide safeguarding by means of adhering to Marlow’s GDPR compliant

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