Efficiency, cost control and

management in one word: transparency.

We believe in detailed financial reporting, strict budget control, and full transparency to achieve success in managing the shipping assets of our clients.

As a third-party crew and ship management company, we have always focussed on delivering transparent work and reporting processes, adhering to tight internal procedures that provide our customers with absolute clarity when it comes to managing their assets. We follow internationally accepted accounting standards, utilise secure IT systems, and provide shipowners with regular financial statements for every vessel. All this is managed by qualified and experienced office teams in Cyprus, Germany and the Netherlands.

The direct link between the accounting and ship management software allows us to provide flexible, tailor made reports, which are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each client, including compatibility with their own financial reporting system, taxation, and registration requirements.

When taking over a vessel, annual operating budgets are drawn up in close consultation with our clients. During the operational phase, emphasis is placed on tight financial cost control and a constant dialogue with the vessel‘s owners and financiers to proactively discuss any necessary deviations from planned financial parameters.

Regular review meetings are scheduled to analyse performance and budget variances, recommending and initiating corrective actions as needed and tailoring any adjustments to the individual client‘s needs.

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