MRM Seminar in Poland

15 Nov 2018
Marlow Poland

Maritime Resource Management (MRM) training resumes at various Marlow’s recruitment agencies.

MRM training in Szczecin, Poland


Marlow has resumed its Maritime Resource Management (MRM) training in major recruiting locations.

The first MRM course in 2018 took place during a senior officer’s seminar in Szczecin, Poland in early October, held by clients Star Gate and supported by third party partner agency Baltimex and Marlow Gdynia, and facilitated by Marlow’s Crew Training Manager, Captain Martin Bankov.

During the client seminar, a presentation was also given by Crew Superintendent from Marlow’s head office in Cyprus, Pawel Graban.

MRM training forms part of the Marlow training matrix. The aim of the training programme is to increase knowledge about human capabilities and limitations and to safeguard positive attitudes to safety and teamwork.

The MRM training will continue as part of the senior officers’ seminars also in other locations part of the Marlow network.



Since the company’s beginnings in 1982 from the maritime hub of Limassol, Marlow Navigation has grown to become a globally renowned and trusted name in the ship management industry. Today, a network spanning more than 10 countries, with 1,000 shore-based staff, 14,000 crew on board managed vessels and approximately 24,000 active seafarers in the employment pool, underpins the company’s progress, business sustainability and client-focussed ethos.

Scope of services have over the past four decades broadened to fully-fledged maritime activities, including crew management, full technical ship management, new ship building supervision, finance and administration, crew recruitment, training and safety, and offshore services.

These are provided out of management offices in Limassol, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Mumbai and Hong Kong, together a global network of seafarer recruiting agencies, a state-of-the-art maritime academy in the Philippines, and international naval training centres in Ukraine, Russia and Germany.

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