Marlow Training Journal 2023

06 Sep 2023
Marlow Navigation

Marlow Navigation’s annual Training Journal edition 2023 has been released and is now available to download online.

Marlow Training Journal 2023


The Marlow Training Journal reports on the latest training activities across our global network, including an update on news and events, overview of new equipment installations and facility upgrades, recently introduced training projects, as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The journal also always has a number of special features on some of the industry’s current hot topics. In this edition, the Opinion piece introduces blended learning and why we consider it a vital part of the future of maritime education and training. Blended learning utilises multiple methods of delivery, namely integrating innovation and technology, such as digital and eLearning, with conventional and hands-on interactions and participation at a training centre. Indeed, we must always adapt and evolve in training, both to latest advancements, such as in technology, but also more generally in multidisciplinary methodologies.

The Analysis digs deep into how maritime training has been revolutionised by advanced simulators and innovation, and looks at what’s in stall for the future. Meanwhile, in Training Opportunities, we have a special report from the Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA) on how its collaboration with Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA) and Marlow is supporting many Ukrainian cadets continue their studies and provide them the opportunity to pursue their careers as marine professionals.

Finally, in this year’s Interview, we speak to a specialised Training Consultant at United Marine Training Center (UMTC) in Manila to get a take on major changes in maritime training – from moving himself from ship to shore to take on the role, adapting to online training channels, to new requirements in keeping up with the industry’s evolution in digitalisation and decarbonisation.

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Since the company’s beginnings in 1982 from the maritime hub of Limassol, Marlow Navigation has grown to become a globally renowned and trusted name in the ship management industry. Today, a network spanning 14 countries, with over 1,150 shore-based staff, 15,800 crew on board managed vessels and 25,000 active seafarers in the employment pool, underpins the company’s progress, business sustainability and client-focussed ethos.

Scope of services at Marlow have over the past four decades broadened to fully-fledged maritime activities, including full technical ship management, new ship building supervision, crew management, crew recruitment, training and safety, offshore services, as well as finance and administration.

These are provided out of management offices in Limassol, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Mumbai, Oman and Hong Kong, together a global network of seafarer recruiting agencies, state-of-the-art maritime academies and international naval training centres.

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