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Pre-Departure Briefing & Training - Now Available Online!

Marlow seafarer training material is now available online! Access, download and study:

  • All seafarer pre-departure briefings, and 
  • Content from Marlow Vessel CDs

Further features to be added in due course. Follow us via Marlow Social Media channels to stay connected and up-to-date.

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Information on how the login process works


This is your Marlow ID Code

Your Marlow ID Code can be found on your Contract of Employment. It is located in the top right corner of the contract, under the label REFERENCE NO. Please only enter the first digits before the forward slash ( / ). For example, if the following reference number is shown on the contract “12345/16/1” then your Marlow ID Login Code is “12345” and only this number (i.e. without 16/1). In case of doubt, please contact your local Recruitment and Placement Service Office.


This is your date of birth

Please enter it in the following format: Day.Month.Year, e.g. 30.05.1990

Email Verification

An email will then be sent to your personal email address. This email contains a link, together with a unique username and password which is valid for 24 hours. Please click on the link and enter the login credentials as supplied in the email. In case of any problems, please contact your local Recruitment and Placement Service Office or your Crew Superintendent.

Please note, only seafarers actively engaged with Marlow Navigation can access content.