PDB Version 5.0 Rolled Out

21 Feb 2019
Marlow Ukraine

Marlow Navigation’s Pre Departure Briefing (PDB) aims to familiarise crew with company information, procedures and requirements, as well as updates to maritime rules, policies, and regulations.

Marlow seafarers undergoing PDB version 5.0 as self-study at their local agency


Marlow Navigation’s Pre Departure Briefing (PDB) version 5.0 has been rolled out, updating seafarers and preparing them for their voyage at sea. The PDB acts as an efficient learning curriculum for seafarer’s daily work.

All Marlow crew are required to undergo this PDB version 5.0 training. This can be done via two methods: Classroom training, available via various Marlow offices around the world, including in Ukraine, the Philippines, Gdynia in Poland and Marlow Russia offices in Saint Petersburg and Rostov on Don; or otherwise, as self-study via Marlow’s available online platforms. Once completed, seafarers are issued with a certificate of completion.

“We’ve been creating our own unique PDB and revising it each year to ensure necessary industry and company-related topics are well covered prior to our crew’s deployment,” states Crewing Director, Marlow Navigation, Captain Frank Brodersen.

Content is carefully selected and developed as per rank, and put together in an orderly and user-friendly manner, allowing information to be easily followed and absorbed. Like in previous editions, this includes more dynamic and engaging presentations, multimedia, as well as case studies.

“We strongly believe in the importance of case studies as a way of learning and improving based on past experiences. These case studies are based on real incidents. If you are attending a classroom based course, it is highly recommend that these cases are openly discussed,” adds Brodersen.

In addition to important updates regarding new rules, regulations and inspection guidance, the PDB again focusses on crew welfare issues such as bullying and harassment and mental health.

As always, the company welcomes and values crew feedback, so as to ensure the PDB continues to evolve into an even more effective and useful learning experience. Feel free to share your comments, as well as any ideas and suggestions by writing directly to pdb 'at' marlow.com.cy

Additionally, you are encouraged to complete the online questionnaire which can be accessed via the client portal page here on the Marlow website.

For further guidance and support with regards to the PDB, please contact your local crew manning agency.



Since the company’s beginnings in 1982 from the maritime hub of Limassol, Marlow Navigation has grown to become a globally renowned and trusted name in the ship management industry. Today, a network spanning 14 countries, with over 1,150 shore-based staff, 15,800 crew on board managed vessels and 25,000 active seafarers in the employment pool, underpins the company’s progress, business sustainability and client-focussed ethos.

Scope of services at Marlow have over the past four decades broadened to fully-fledged maritime activities, including full technical ship management, new ship building supervision, crew management, crew recruitment, training and safety, offshore services, as well as finance and administration.

These are provided out of management offices in Limassol, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Mumbai, Oman and Hong Kong, together a global network of seafarer recruiting agencies, state-of-the-art maritime academies and international naval training centres.

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