New Scholarships for KSMA Cadets in 2021

11 Dec 2020
Marlow Ukraine

Marlow grants 25 new scholarships to cadets at KSMA, as per the company’s cooperation agreement for the training and employment of marine officers.

Marlow grants additional scholarships to 20 of the best new entrants at KSMA


Marlow Navigation has granted 25 new scholarships to cadets at Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA), as per the company’s cooperation agreement for the training and employment of marine officers.

Those awarded with the scholarships were selected by the Student Council and based on the grounds of those who have faced difficult life circumstances and are in greater need of charitable support to pay for their tuition fees, among a list of other criteria.

Also invited to attend the Student Council meeting this year were Managing Director, Marlow Navigation Ukraine, Captain Boris Ezri and KSMA’s Rector Professor Vasyl Cherniavskyi, as well as the Marlow Group’s Training Director, Joern Clodius and Training Manager, Captain Martin Bankov from Cyprus, who joined in virtually.

“We are pleased to continue helping cadets in Ukraine with these scholarships, as it goes a long way towards supporting their future career endeavours as marine professionals. We also appreciate the involvement of the Student Council in this independent selection process,” said Clodius.

“Sponsoring students based on performance on the one part and as per the needs of those who have faced difficulties on the other, is both a fair and balanced approach, and certainly a good way forward to having as many students as possible benefiting from such programmes. We congratulate all the selected students and we wish them every success in their studies,” added Clodius.

Further to this, Marlow has granted additional scholarships to 20 new entrant cadets at KSMA to help subsidize their tuition fees in 2021. This initiative comes as an extra support this year due to the economic difficulties created by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Scholarships have been awarded to those with the best baseline performance indicators in Maths, Physics and English but could not obtain a state-funded placement to cover their first-year tuition or at least part of it this time round due to limited resources. Twelve scholarships have been granted to students from the marine navigation faculty, five from marine engineering and three from electrotechnical.



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