Marcrew at Hamburg Career Fair 2019

30 Sep 2019
Marlow Navigation

Marcrew Schiffahrts recently participated at the Job Messe Hamburg career fair to present the company and its Merchant shipping apprenticeship program to potential applicants.


Marcrew Schiffahrts, part of the Marlow Group participated at the 10th Job Messe Hamburg, held at Millerntor Stadium in September.

Marcrew presented the company and group and its career opportunities to graduates in Germany, but also more generally to job seekers, beginners and experienced professionals, whilst meeting and speaking to potential applicants directly and in a more personal conversation.

“For many young students, or even experienced professionals for that matter, making the right career choice can be a major challenge – for instance, to make sure they select a job and company that offers them a suitable environment and prospects,” states Managing Director, Marcrew Schiffahrts, Frank Homann.

“Such career fairs are also important and worthwhile for us, so as to better promote and strengthen our company’s impression, and in fact the industry at large, as an attractive employer, as well as to continue to find and recruit the best talent who have the right attitude and passion,” adds Homann.

More specifically, the purpose of this event was to reach out to graduates and those seeking an apprenticeship in shipping/maritime to establish and further their careers. As per the traditional German apprenticeship programme, this allows students to combine schooling with specialised training at the company, completing rotations in various key office departments, such as crew and ship operations, finance and administration.

With this, they are better introduced to the shipping industry and to the company, as well as gain invaluable practical and international experience. During their tenure, apprentices are given real hands-on tasks, allowing them to become actively involved, gain responsibility and complete their own projects.

Part of the programme can also include ship tours and inspections, as well as opportunities for work experience at Marlow’s various offices around the world, including the group’s head office Cyprus, the Netherlands, India and the Philippines.

Marcrew Schiffahrts is a third-party crew management company established in Hamburg, Germany in 1999. Marcrew represents the German tonnage tax compliant system as the crew management arm of the Marlow Group.

For more information about a merchant shipping apprenticeship program at Marcrew Schiffahrts and the Marlow Group, contact us directly at or via our online form, click here


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Scope of services has over the past three decades broadened to now include fully-fledged maritime management activities, including crew management, full technical ship management, new ship building supervision, finance & administration, crew recruitment, training and safety, and offshore crewing. These services are provided out of management offices located in Limassol (Cyprus), Hamburg (Germany), Rhoon/Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Mumbai (India) & Hong Kong. Together with a state-of-the-art maritime academy in the Philippines, international naval training centres in Ukraine, Russia & Germany, as well as a global network of seafarer recruiting agencies.

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