Columbia Marlow Official Launch in Limassol

23 Oct 2017
by Marlow Navigation

Columbia Shipmanagement and Marlow Navigation celebrate the launch of the newly merged entity Columbia Marlow.

Official Columbia merger party, held at Columbia Beach in Limassol, Cyprus


In late September, Columbia Shipmanagement and Marlow Navigation celebrated the launch of the newly merged entity Columbia Marlow in Limassol.

Employees of both companies were invited to an evening for the occasion and to be more formally introduced to each other, the new board and its CEO, Mark O’Neil. Mr O’Neil addressed the staff with a welcoming speech and highlighted the vision for the future.

"Right from the start, and on behalf of the shareholders and the Board of Columbia Marlow, I want to say a massive and heart felt thank you to all of you for your efforts to get us here! You have all played your part, as have our offices abroad, our crews, our manning agents and our business partners," said Mr O’Neil.

"Both companies will continue as they do today; same names and brands, same staff job responsibilities and titles, same business functions and processes. But, both under the Columbia Marlow holding company, both part of the same Columbia Marlow family. Going forward – both working together to serve our clients and win new clients.

"Partnership Redefined will be our motto, our creed. To our clients, our crews, our staff and to our business partners. Internally to one another and externally. The motto against which we will judge all of our actions. We will create a modern, dynamic, diverse, positive, and digitalized environment within which to work in all our offices worldwide. We will be clear in our strategic objectives under a modern and accountable management structure," continued Mr O’Neil.

The merger process was long awaited, needing regulatory approval to be finalised. It has taken a lot of hard work, dedication and patience from all involved, management, staff and seafarers alike. During the evening, special recognition was given to those primarily involved in the process, as well as to the companies’ founders.

"It would be remiss of me not to mention our two shareholders; Hermann Eden and Heinrich Schoeller. Two men for whom we all have the greatest liking and respect. Two men without whom we would not be here today. To these two men we all say a huge thank you and rest assured that your trust in all of us to deliver will not be misplaced. I cannot think of better people to have at our side to go forward and embrace the challenges which will inevitably lie ahead! We are and will be Partnership Redefined!" added Mr O’Neil.

Later, a newly released Columbia Marlow motivational-corporate video was presented, showcasing the success of both companies over the decades, and now their combined strengths and benefits in maritime services.

See more photos of the event at the Marlow Navigation Corporate Facebook page Columbia Marlow Official Launch


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