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Chris Arroyo.

My name is Chris Arroyo. I'm 33 years old and I come from the Philippines. After leaving school I worked in the hospitality industry for a while. A colleague suggested I apply to work on a cruise liner. I was employed as a waiter and stayed for two years. The work in the dining room didn´t challenge me but I really enjoyed being on a ship and travelling the world. That is why I decided to build a career as a seaman.

My first step was to visit the basic seaman training at an accredited instruction centre. That was nine years ago and I have come a long way. Marlow has been my employer for five years and working for them has really helped shape my career.

Not only does Marlow offer regular dependable wages and high safety standards, but they also support their staff when it comes to the professional development. There are many training activities for crew members, including cooperation with maritime academies. Today, I am third officer on a container ship. In this position I am primarily charged with the safety of the vessel and crew. I carry out the navigation watch as instructed by the master and am in charge of the lifesaving equipment, including lifeboats, and the firefighting appliances. I support the second officer with the preparation of passage plans.

My hope is to become second officer next year. Who knows? The master´s certificate might be within reach for me one day! My parents back home in Manila are very proud of me and so is my wife. I met her when I worked on the cruise ship all those years ago. She understands my love of the sea, although she sometimes misses me in everyday life. We have two small daughters and I talk to my family every day when I am travelling. My wife and I both feel that the stability provided by Marlow is good for our family.

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