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Capt. Andriy Kudinov.

My name is Capt. Andriy Kudinov and I come from a long tradition of seafaring. When I was younger, I used to work on a fishing fleet. I then attended a naval academy and when I was a third officer, got the chance to be hired by Marlow. This great opportunity came in 2001 and I have been working for the company ever since.

Constant communication is standard as are preventive measures. This saves time when a problem does occur and it also helps to avoid accidents. The experience level in the headoffice is high so the crews are always in good hands.

My ship´s crew usually consists of 15 men from four to five different nationalities. The language on board is always English, and I must say that there are very few problems between crew members, and never any cultural differences. I think the safe environment created by Marlow minimises disputes among crew.

For a few years I have had a route that I travel constantly. It leads from the west coast of Norway to Bremerhaven in Germany. Norway has a big commercial fishing industry and we head for eight fishing harbours per week, load the cargo and bring it to Bremerhaven – and then we travel straight back.

Always travelling the same route is not boring for me at all. Quite the opposite actually, as it gives me a sense of stability. I am aboard the ship for four months and then I get three months at home with my wife and two children.

I know my schedule long in advance. Marlow gives me planning certainty. This is good for family life.

Of course I miss my family when I am travelling. Every seaman has his own way to fight loneliness. Being in touch with my family through the internet is obviously also very important and helpful. Being able to communicate with home makes life easier for everyone on board. For me the nicest time on the ship is Christmas. I haven´t been at home for the season for a few years, but we always manage to make it a good experience for everyone on board. Marlow provides warm clothing for the crew, so we are well equipped for the cold weather.

The cook on board is usually a Filipino and he tries to make dishes that everyone enjoys. Last year there was a turkey and side dishes from different countries. I gave the cook a Russian recipe and he made it too. We all sat together and had a good time.

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